Dreamstate Southern California 2018 Recap

Trance Family
Dreamstate SoCal
Courtesy of Insomniac & Dreamstate

The fourth edition of Dreamstate Southern California just wrapped up in San Bernadino. The two day festival featuring newest and well respected in trance music brought thousands of fans for what is nicknamed Trancegiving. As Phoenix Trance Family has been growing in membership over the past 4 years, many members make it a point to attend.  Now it should be mentioned that Dreamstate San Francisco is also well attended.

Trance Family
Courtesy of Wall Street Photography

Insomniac/Dreamstate decided to downsize from five stages to three this year to feature more artists than ever before. As you can see from the image above, many sets were staged as back-to-back or vs. to include more diversity within the scene. Of course, some pioneers or special event sets were also featured.  Huge shout out to trance family from throughout the world for your good vibes and passion for trance music. We can not wait to return to Dreamstate Southern California next year!

Time to feature the sets from those on the line-up:

Ganesh: soundcloud.com/gary-ganesh-chartier/dreamstate-2018-the-sequence?

Factor B: soundcloud.com/factorbmusic/factor-b-live-dreamstate-so-cal-2018?

Craig Connelly: soundcloud.com/craigconnelly/ccds18

Code Blue: soundcloud.com/coldblue/cold-blue-at-dreamstate-2018

Ciaran McAuley: soundcloud.com/ciaranmcauleyofficial/ciaran-mcauley-live-dreamstate-socal-2018

Bryan Kearney: soundcloud.com/bryankearney/bryan-kearney-live-dreamstate-socal-2018

John O’ Callaghan: soundcloud.com/johnocallaghan/john-ocallaghan-live-dreamstate-so-cal-2018

Arctic Moon vs. RAM: soundcloud.com/djram-nl/arctic-moon-vs-ram-live-dreamstate-socal-2018

Giuseppe Ottaviani: soundcloud.com/giuseppeottaviani/giuseppe-ottaviani-live-at-dreamstate-socal-2018

Lost In Noise: soundcloud.com/lostinnoise303/lost-in-noise-live-dreamstate-socal-2018

Ben Nicky pres. Xtreme: soundcloud.com/bennicky/ben-nicky-pres-xtreme-ds-socal-2018

Sneijder Vs. Sied van Riel: soundcloud.com/siedvanriel/sneijder-vs-sied-van-riel-live-dreamstate-socal-november-2018

Kristina Sky B2B Orla Feeney: soundcloud.com/kristinasky/kristina-sky-b2b-orla-feeney-live-at-dreamstate-socal-2018

Will Rees: soundcloud.com/willrees/will-rees-dreamstate-socal-2018

Shugz vs. David Rust: soundcloud.com/shugo_srd/shugz-vs-david-rust-live-at-dreamstate-socal-2018

LTN: soundcloud.com/dj-ltn/ltn-live-dreamstate-socal

Gentech: soundcloud.com/marksherry/gentech-live-dreamstate

We would be remiss if we did not thank Danielle Sanders and crew from TrancefamilyLA for organizing the Dreamers Meet & Greet.  It allowed artists, fans, and media outlets to connect. Please search for interviews, and articles featuring this event. youtu.be/8InnGYtdiWQ

Dreamers M&G
Courtesy of Organizers