EPIC News!

PVD at Maya

On the list of trance music pioneers, Paul Van Dyk comes to mind. That being said, the epic news that Paul Van Dyk is returning to the Phoenix area by way of his ‘From Then On’ tour at Maya Nightclub April 27th is very welcomed news.  In 2016, Paul had a very traumatic fall on stage at the yearly ASOT (A State of Trance) celebration that resulted in serious back and neck injuries. However, Paul recovered, got married to the love of his life, then released ‘From Then On’ in 2017.

Mr. Van Dyk has also returned to the touring circuit as evident by this epic news. Some recent sets by Mr. Van Dyk for the Dreamstate brand of Insomniac as well as Tomorrowland Belgium 2017 have impressed trance family all over the world.  Just like hometown hero Markus Schulz (returning March 23rd), another way to keep up with Mr. Van Dyk’s label Vandit Records  is through his radio show/podcast Vonyc Sessions weekly.

Are there any specific tracks by Paul Van Dyk that bring you those special trance feelings? We can think of a few, but perhaps, all Phoenix Trance Family in attendance on April 27th will get a taste of his artistry. Meet you on the dance floor?